Community Garden

Support our community Garden by donating seeds and fruit trees.

When we arrived at The Family Farm we questioned the fact that the community only grow a few basic foods.

Most households grow white mielies/corn for making porridge or as we know it Pap.

The staple food that is eaten and grown is the Amadumbe (Taro) root, which is very high in nutrients but not enough to have a balanced diet.

Some families grow sweet potato and very few grow potatoes, tomato, onion, banana, and sugar cane, wild guava and passionfruit. It is seldom that you see much other fruit or vegetables.

We realised that the first reason for this is the price of seed, the second reason is the fact that most of the shelf bought seeds are genetically modified and do not produce fruit or seed to have a second or third harvest, and the last reason is accessibility to seeds and fruit trees.

We would like to build a community garden that will feed the children and families in our village.

We have managed to secure the land to develop the gardens and now we need the seed and trees to get it all going.

The idea of the community garden is that all can come work in the garden and be fed by the garden.

Our progress and growth will be shared on a regular basis so that you can see how your help and the help of others are supporting and transforming a community.

R 500.00
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In order to make an offline donation we ask that you please follow these instructions:

  1. Make a payment offline via your bank to our bank
  2. In the reference line, please indicate which project your donation is for
  3. Please email your proof of payment to [email protected]

Our bank details are as follows:

The Family Farm
Capitec Savings Account
Account Number:1383253887
Branch Code: 470010

All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged. Thank you for supporting our family, friends, community and tribe!

Donation Total: R500.00