Help fix Mkhulu’s huts

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Help fix Mkhulu’s huts

Mkhulu, is Wiseman’s dad. Wiseman is the man who helped us find the Family Farm. Mkhulu is the headman of our village and was born in 1930 making him 89 years old, still tends to his garden, growing his own food and making grass mats for an extra bit of cash to get by.

His eyesight and body are not as strong as they used to be which is the only thing that slows him down, his spirit is still young and full of samp & beans 😉

Mkhulu walks about 500 meters to where he can collect water to be able to drink, cook and bath, he carries 20 liters of water a day, every day.

He would like to fix his huts and get a supply of water to his home to be able to accommodate international and local volunteers helping at the Family Farm and with the tribe’s projects. This would provide him with water firstly and most importantly, and secondly with a flow of income from the volunteers paying for their stay.

Support the oldest member of our community, the man who made the final decision to let us stay here or go, he let us stay!

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