The Family Farm

Join us in our quest to self-sustainability & freedom – Inkululeko

We are a South African family on the quest to become self-sustainable, living off the grid, wild and free. We have found a beautiful piece of land to build our dream.  Follow our journey of learning, building, and enjoy our adventures as we grow.

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Who are we?

We are a family that got tired of the cliché rat-race and decided to make a change, a big change, find a farm and get off the grid and live life doing the things we love.
We set out looking for land to purchase to develop a sustainable lifestyle for our family. With all the land claim issues in South Africa and the ridiculous price of land, we were unable to achieve this and to be honest we were quite afraid too.

We met a ‘wise man’ who showed us a piece of land at the start of the Transkei in a village on the Mzamba river. Wiseman, his family, and the village have welcomed us as part of their tribe and taken responsibility for our well being in their village as Makhelwane (neighbors). Being invited and accepted into their village is a genuine honor for us.

This invitation solved the land claim, safety and the high-cost issues we were facing.

“Now we get to live our dream”

The families in our tribe/community helped us to realize our dream by welcoming us into their village and in turn, we would like to help them realise some of their dreams.

Why are we doing this?

“hi ho hi ho, its off the grid we go, with tractor here and a chicken there, hi ho hi ho hi ho hi ho.”
We love spending time together more than anything. We all get along really well, yes we have some ups and downs but that’s life and learning, and we complement each other in our skills, abilities, and thoughts.

We want to eat well, we want food that is organically grown, we want to drink clean water that is filled with nutrients and minerals, we would like to grow and make 90% of what we need to thrive, we want to be as self-sustainable as we possibly can.

We thrive when we are building and making stuff, from tiny little trinkets, water systems, furniture, to fixing up old tractors, you name it we are keen to make it or do it, and better yet, if we can make it out of junk or upcycled materials bring on the challenge.

We believe in community, where ever we have lived we have had neighbors and friends that we love and become apart of our lives, we have a wonderful community that has impacted our lives so positively and we want to give back 10 fold, we want to live in a community that thrives off the grid, sustainably.

We choose to live our dreams and create our visions instead of just imagine them, so that is exactly what we are doing.

We all enjoy learning and sharing knowledge, as we go through all our learnings and grow along the way we want to share our journey of freedom with you.

Enjoy a quick Tour

Enjoy a quick tour of our farm, meet our family and some of our makhelwane, our neighbors, our tribe, our community

Visit us or stay a while

Come and experience The Family Farm for a day or for longer.
Spend a day with us at the farm experiencing what we do, learn something new, meet someone new.

Enjoy a guided tour through the forest, through the Mzamba river valley, meet a traditional healer, experience Umqombothi traditional beer.

Go fishing, go for a swim in the ocean or simply relax in nature watching and listening the exquisite birdlife.

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Help a community establish, grow and thrive? We are working towards a self-sustainable lifestyle. You can learn and experience everything around setting up a homestead/farmstead, learn about growing fruit and veggies, caring for chickens, setting up animal pens and care of animals, setting up sustainable water systems, using natural resources, learning the plant medicines we learn and so much more.
Do something today that your future self will thank you for!

Support our projects

We would like to give you the opportunity to support off the grid self-sustainable living, the coexistence of different cultures, the preservation of traditions and mother earth.

Education Centre

Help us build a computer/education centre and nursery school

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Community Garden

Buy a tree or support our garden to feed a village

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Animal Support

Help us buy medicine and support the village animals

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Make a donation

Help us realise our dreams

We dream of a community or village that can sustain themselves without needing ongoing support. With a little support from you, our community can become self-sufficient and move from surviving to thriving.