Amish Balm


Formulated as a gentle drawing balm, healing wounds, ulcers, cuts, and boils. This balm has helped many people who have had wounds that do not heal, gently drawing out toxins and disea-sed cells to allow the skin to heal. Gentle enough for a face mask (10 mins) and strong enough to draw out diseased cells apply each night cover with dressing, doing this daily until problem has been removed).




Coconut oil; Carbopal; Castor Oil, Grape-seed oil, mineral clay; galangal; chaparral; Sanguinaria canadensis; Trifolium pratense, Poke root, Rumex Crispus; chickweed; Murr; Frankincense; lavender, raw honey, hemp , bees wax, silica , vitamin C and Vitamin K.


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