Support our projects

We would like to give you the opportunity to support off the grid self-sustainable living, the coexistence of different cultures, the preservation of traditions and mother earth.

Education Centre

Help us build a computer/education centre and nursery school

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Community Garden

Buy a tree or support our garden to feed a village

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Animal Support

Help us buy medicine and support the village animals

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Support a child

Help us buy school kits for the children in our village

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Donate a hygiene kit

Basic hygiene items are expensive to buy. Toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, comb, facecloth and nail clippers will help children stay clean and disease-free.

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Gift First Aid Kit

First aid kits are stocked with bandages, Band-Aids, ointment, and other necessities to assist with home injuries.

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Community Gifts

Give your unwanted stuff to someone that needs it and will use and appreciate it.

When we arrived here we had hands to help us carry our stuff down mountains over ridges and rivers and up really steep hills, we have had families that have hardly anything bring us food, buckets for collecting water and so much more. We have had help from every direction and we would like to give back.

Help us give back to our community by sending them your old and unwanted goods, from clothing to linen to tools, anything you are willing to send via post or courier at your own expense as a gift to the community.

If you don’t have much to give you can ask a few friends, family or colleagues to do a collection and then send it our way.

The items that you send will be equally divided between the families in our village.