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Family Farm Day Tour
Spend a day on the farm learning and experiencing our homestead.

If you want to experience the farm to learn a bit about what we are doing and see it all in action spend the day with us learning about what we do and how we do it. Wherever your interest lies we will feed your senses. As we grow the adventure and experience of spending a day with us will grow so this is something you can do a few times and always get a different experience.

Your day visit will include: a day of beautiful views, interesting people, and a traditional lunch with a twist.

Cost: R350 p/p

Farmer For a Day
This unique day will give you the opportunity to play an important role in running the Family Farm. Be a farmer for a day and see what it takes to get started as an off-grid and sustainably household, get your hands dirty for a day and see if being a farmer is fit for you?

Your day visit will include: a day of farming, whatever there is to be done on the farm you can join in on, or focus on something specific that catches your interest and a traditional farm lunch.

Cost: R350 p/p

African Healing Session
Experience a traditional healing ceremony or have a private consultation with a South African Sangoma.
Your day visit will include: A healing ceremony or consultation with Mama Matshicilela and enjoy a traditional Xhosa lunch.

Traditional healing ceremony: R550 p/p
Private Sangoma consultation: R750 p/p

Farm Mzamba Beach Hike
Hike from The Family Farm, through the village, and along the Mzamba river and head down to the beach.

Your day visit will include: A guided walk, packed lunch and transport back to the farm.

 Cost: R250 p/p

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