Do something today that your future self will thank you for!

We are working towards a self-sustainable lifestyle. You can learn and experience everything around setting up a homestead/farmstead, learn about growing fruit and veggies, caring for chickens, setting up animal pens and care of animals, setting up sustainable water systems, using natural resources, learning the plant medicines we learn and so much more.

We are a small family of mixed blood and mixed culture, starting our journey to a sustainable community in the start of the Transkei on the edge of the Mzamba River.

Between us, we speak English, Afrikaans, Xhosa, and Zulu.

We are a 15-minute drive away from the nearest town, Port Edward.

This very rustic and quaint community offers opportunities to be involved with many projects at our homestead and within the community, from growing veg and animal care to building and setting up water systems.

We need your help with:


      • Growing vegetables
      • Building
      • Animal care
      • Charity work
      • Cooking
      • General Maintenance
      • Gardening
      • Help with Eco projects
      • Developing hiking trails
      • Help in the house
      • Language practice
      • Teaching


A bit more

Experience and learn while giving

Accommodation will be in a comfortable tent. There is a long drop toilet and an outside shower, you can help us establish these more while you are here.

Food will be communal meaning that all can pitch in and help from time to time with cooking and clean up afterward. The kitchen will be packed with mostly healthy, organic and homegrown ingredients and local produce. We are not vegetarian, we could happily accommodate a vegetarian diet, however, we do eat meat and we do ethically hunt and raise our own meat.

We have internet access and transport into town.

You will benefit from this humbling experience by connecting with nature and learn and contribute to the uplifting of individuals in their environment. How to live lightly with basic needs and to have fun while living.